Read my first chapter and tell me what you think!

It’s been a 20-month journey that’s not quite over yet. Hardly the same as leading the nation of God’s chosen people into the Promised Land, publishing my first book, called The Attractive Shepherd,  is a bit nerve racking.

I wonder what was Joshua thinking when he crossed the Jordan into the promised land? It had been many years in the making. He had been faithful to a dream that all but one other person of his generation (Caleb) would miss out on. We know from the first chapter of the book that bears his name that there was some fear.

I used to be afraid of people rejecting what I propose about Jesus and why people struggle with loving him more. Now I’m more concerned with representing the Bible accurately with what I write. So one purpose of this blog is to get feedback on the book’s first chapter. It can be accessed by clicking on the button “Read Chapter One” posted next to the “Book Feedback” button near the top of this page just below the picture of the sheep. There’s also one near the bottom of the sidebar at the right. After you’ve read it, please click the “Book Feedback” button to offer comments (positive or negative). If you’re really gung-ho about helping, comment on the main objective (hook) and chapter synopsis as well found in the “About The Book”.

It would be great if you could help me out by liking it on fb and subscribing to this blog by clicking on the orange button, also on the sidebar.

And, thanks for being a part of this journey.


8 thoughts on “Read my first chapter and tell me what you think!

  1. Blessings Dave from Tupelo, MS. I can so relate…I dairy farmed in Minnesota…went to southern Mexico and worked in agriculture/animal husbandry and with precious orphans for 6 yrs. I really sense the spirit moving in your writing…keep on as Father directs…we’ll all be blessed.

    Praising God for the man you are and your sharing from His and your hearts.
    Warmest greetings to your lovely Vanda, to Jess, Emma and Zach. What an inspiring time I have spent here with your page, Hallelujah!! / ❤ 🙂

    • Thanks Charlene. I’ve been to Mexico on a missions trip. I get to share about it later in the book. Thanks for the prayers, and I’m pleased you’ve been inspired by the book.

  2. Good start Dave, very readable and I especially enjoyed the taster of Ch 2, mind you Winston does have a lot in common with Luther’s dog!

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