Meet the Girl Who Met God: Lauren Winner

It took a few days, but I finally got over my wife teasing me about reading a book called Girl Meets God (Algonquin Books).  What made it particularly cruel was that Vanda had recommended the book to me in the first place.  But, the book was worth it, and Vanda has since encouraged me to read Mudhouse Sabbath, another Winner book.

Lauren Winner is an intellectual who realizes that she doesn’t know it all.  As a result, I am inclined to learn along with her.  She is a professor at Duke Divinity School, so she has the capacity to string together complex thoughts.  But she does it in relation to real life – her real life.  Hot theological and religious topics are doused with humor and openness about her insecurities while she deals with things like struggling with family and friends because of her life choices.  They affect not only her decision to become a Christian despite her Jewish upbringing, but to continue to learn about God after being baptized.

With regard to my book, I was very interested to read that the deciding factor in her decision to become a Christian was a strong attraction Jesus.  Anybody who honestly searches for the truth about God will be drawn to Jesus Christ.  Lauren’s pursuit was honest, and Jesus drew her to himself.

So, I’m not ashamed to be known as the reader who met the girl who met God.  You won’t be either.


2 thoughts on “Meet the Girl Who Met God: Lauren Winner

    • I’m in the process of trying to get it published. It’s a long process, especially since I’ll have to stir up some interest in is first, as a new author. Thanks for checking it out, Cheryl. I’ll certainly have more info when the time approaches. Yeah LPC!

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