Here’s a post from the first week of my blog that most of you missed . . .


Looney Tunes star Pepe Le Pew and your average psycho in a murder movie have something in common.  Though their victims race for their lives, or in Sir Skunk’s case for their olfactory nerves, the pursuers manage to keep pace.  Compounding the disturbing nature of these scenes is the casualness of the chasers.  The murderers seldom get past a brisk walk.  Pepe prances playfully to Jack-in-the-box type music, always succeeding in overtaking his femme-skunk who has been moving at light speed to avoid the unwelcome advance.  He is under the impression that their interaction is only natural and that her resistance is futile.  “Zee cabbage does not run away from zee corn-beef,” he reasons.  The problem is that she is actually a black cat with a strip of white paint on her back.

Why do Christians live our lives with the same attitude?  The Evil one tries to convince us that…

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