Passion Play at Highway Tabernacle in Austintown, OH

This pic taken earlier today is my Jess (the one on the left) with Billie, the six-month-old camel.  He’s starred in his first Passion Play just a few moments after this shot – and he did rather well, I must say.

We saw this presentation last year but decided to check it out again.  It’s funny, we knew what was coming – like Jesus rising from the dead and all (Sorry, I forgot to announce “spoiler alert”) – but the moment he pops out of the fake cave is awesome.  There’s a pause of a couple of seconds after it becomes clear that the tomb has been opened.  A light shone through the narrow gap and a thick mist obscured what was inside, and I found myself anticipating – almost unsure – of what I knew would happen.  Jesus didn’t just come out of the grave, he emerged with vigor and a huge smile, shaking hands with people in the audience.  A very Jesus thing to do.

It was great to see my kids respond to Jesus’ being beaten and crucified.  It looked to me like they were really drinking it all in; even Zach, our eight-year-old.  Maybe they grasped a little more this year than last?  I think I did.

The show is free and they’ll be performing tonight, Saturday and Easter evening at 7 each night.  Here’s a link to their website for more info:


2 thoughts on “Passion Play at Highway Tabernacle in Austintown, OH

  1. Grandma Ronnie and I went last year too, it is an impressive production, and very moving. This year I watched a video at my church in the UK, it brought home to me that we speak very glibly the rest of the year about the crucifixion. The event itself was bloody, painful, cruel and beyond endurance, in truth we cannot imagine the full horror of that day, but I take comfort from the words of a song “it was for me, it was for me”.

  2. I’ve been surprised both years at how our normally noisy household sits, completely quiet through all 2 hrs of the play. I think I sometimes underestimate their grasp of the gospel story. I’m sure it’s different for all 3 of them and I love that they are absorbing it at their own speeds and in their own ways. I have to say they keep us on our toes with the questions they ask afterwards . . why is it called Good Friday . .what does Hosanna mean . . .what does Jesus do for our souls . ..who has a soul??? I hope they keep asking questions.

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