Jedi Mind Tricks (Weekly Excerpt from my book)

The Apostle Peter was not a Jedi, despite what may be inferred from his writings.

Have you ever tried to make yourself desire something?  As I mentioned in chapter one, I’ve wanted to want tomatoes.  It just isn’t happening.  God designed my taste buds in such a way that I have always rejected the red vegetable (or fruit or whatever it is).  As hard as I try, that’s just the way it is.  And that’s just the way it probably always will be.  It seems to prove that attraction to things cannot be altered regardless of the intensity of our efforts.

However, passages like the second verse of 1st Peter 2 pose a problem for that theory.  The Apostle Peter tells the early Christians what to desire: “Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation. (NIV)”   This verse is a command.  The craving is to be the result of a decision to be obedient to the head apostle.

I can picture the elderly saint standing before stubborn Christ-followers and performing a Jedi mind trick.  It’s enacted by a gentle wave of his hand, just like Obiwan Kenobi did in a couple of the Star Wars movies.  But Jedi mind tricks involve the involuntary acquiescence of the subject.  The Jedi control shallow minds so that the creatures have no choice but to do what the Jedi suggests.  God doesn’t do that and neither does Peter.  He’s actually telling the people to choose to crave the things of God instead of the things they used to be attracted to.

God has planned for us to play a role in choosing the things that will be attractive to us.  Peter isn’t the only one who takes this approach.  David gives the same instruction in Psalm 37:4, “Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. (NIV)”

Therefore, it must be possible, at least in spiritually, for people to play a role in choosing the things we are attracted to.  In the last chapter I explored the need for people to decide to dream about what life to the fullest extent looks like and to be willing to take all the risks needed to get there.  But the question of the method of changing your desires remains.  Fortunately, your determination to set an exciting course for your spiritual journey is the fix for your faulty desires, and it was never meant to be a secret.

This is a sample from chapter 9: Shorn, of my book The Attractive Shepherd.  Click on “About The Book” and “Read Chapter 1″ above for more info.  For samples from other chapters click on “Book Excerpts” just under the Twitter updates on the right side of this page. Comments are appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Jedi Mind Tricks (Weekly Excerpt from my book)

  1. It’s a lot like craving food…it’s not until we STOP EATING the wrong foods which are full of sugar and empty calories and START EATING the right ones full of nutrients and energy-giving vitamins that we cease to crave the former and begin to crave and appreciate the latter. Obedience is first; reward is later.

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