Prom dress update. It gets even better . . .

Okay, this prom dress give-away I raved about from my church on my April 19 blog gets even better. Not only can girls going to their prom get a dress for free from Evangel Baptist Church in Boardman, OH . . . there are even free alterations! Wendy Kelso, who wasn’t pictured in my previous blog, pitches in to this great idea in a crucial way. Say a young lady picks out a dress she loves that doesn’t fit her. Getting it altered is also a huge expense. So, Wendy does the alterations at no cost. Can you hear yet another sigh of relief from financially strapped parents?

Wendy’s part is just another highlight in an idea that has taken off.  People have been giving more dresses thanks to the spot done by our local newspaper, The Vindicator. And, they’ve done another with responses from a couple of the recipients. Check it out on their website:

There has even been national attention! My wife was listening to the Christian radio station Klove, 107.1 fm in Northeast Ohio, and heard a mention about what Evangel is doing. Now, thousands and thousands of people have been inspired by this great idea for our church to connect to the community in such a great way.

This service to the community will be available next 3 or 4 weeks.  encourage both donors and those who need dresses to drop by. The church’s website is:

I wonder if the women who are the masterminds of this project had any that God would take their concern for others and transform it into such a huge thing. I also wonder how many more ideas God has given to his people that he’s waiting for us to jump on so that he can do more amazing things through us.



2 thoughts on “Prom dress update. It gets even better . . .

  1. What I love about this is that there are girls coming from up to an hour away-north and south of us! They are hearing about it through all the different media outlets and from their friends, neighbors, cousins, etc. Girls who thought that prom wasn’t going to happen for them are now able to attend in beautiful dresses because of these ladies awesome hearts! ❤

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