Family Fun Friday – Zach

This picture is the result of a trip to Home Depot with Zach and Emma.  It was Emma’s idea. It often reminds me of what an awesome family God has given me. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I’ve decided to introduce you to my family with the pics on my computer. Over the next few Fridays I’ll highlight one family member, starting with the youngest – our eight-year-old whose name is Zach.

Enjoy, and let it remind you to worship God by living life with the family he has blessed you with.

Zach and Emma at Home Depot

Zachy Mouse at the Boardman Library


Zach in a NY City subway during his nose-picking tour of summer '07

"Here, boy. Watch how it's done . . ."

. . . Close enough

Okay, maybe you're better off following your mother's eating habits.

The Bible was upside down, but it's a great start.

Obviously impressed

Mini me

Family Camp at Camp Burton in '10. Great time.

Yeah, this is living.

Enjoy your weekend with your family!


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