Meet the Robinsons and our Free-form basement

Vanda and I are toying with the idea of redoing our basement. As we were on our walk this morning what started out as ideas for flooring and wall colors turned into ideas for a theme for the room. We ended up deciding on a room that would be a quasi music studio (at some point), where kids could play Vanda’s bass guitar, maybe a keyboard, or even the instruments they play at school. A couple of mics would be in the mix as well.

An important aspect of childhood is the ability to search for who it is God has made them to be. As parents, we may be able to influence them with musical ability, but it would be shortsighted to restrict our influence to that alone. We hold great value in creating an atmosphere where our kids can try out whatever interests them and know that if things don’t work out, it’s okay.

(Cue the animated movie reference)

Okay, so I like animated movies. I realize that much of what I write relates to them, but the messages are great, and I still have younger kids who like to watch them (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

A favorite scene of mine is in Meet The Robinsons where the young star, who aspires to be an inventor, tries to fix something and fails – getting peanut butter and jelly all over the family he’s having supper with. He expects them to be upset with him, but they celebrate. Instead of seeing it as failure, they consider it a lesson learned in one more way not to do it. What a great message!

Our basement will have signs encouraging kids to feel safe while they explore, figuratively and literally, what song they will sing and how they will sing it. While this whole concept may seem like a contradiction – with an emphasis on music – it is symbolic of our whole approach. We urge them to try all kinds of sports and to read all kinds of literature as well. I’m convinced that when people are encouraged to figure out who they are without rejection, they will figure out who God has made them to be.

And he’s far better at the whole creation thing.


2 thoughts on “Meet the Robinsons and our Free-form basement

  1. Not exactly a spiritually relevant comment, but please tell me you do not know the entire score and script of THIS one by heart.

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