Family Fun Friday – Emma

Emma chillin’ in the Poconos

This is our Emma. Emma has always been her own person, as this picture shows. I found her like this one morning during our vacation a few summers ago at a time share Vanda’s Dad let us have for a week. She would often sit out on the front porch like this and just observe God’s creation. One can only imagine what goes on in that child’s mind. Here are some more pics of Emma, who is our 2nd child and the focus of this week’s Family Fun Friday. I’m using the next few Fridays to highlight the wonderful family God has given me by using the pictures that are on my computer. Enjoy!

Psycho Emma

I get the keys on this side of the reindeer, and you play on that side. Ok?

The Dog Whisperer

With a Zachy on her back

“You’re just teasing. I don’t have anything on my face.”

“(whispering in an Australian accent) This is a rare treat, indeed. We’ve managed to catch Emma wearing a dress instead of getting dirty outside playing with sticks or in the mud. She’s a beut, isn’t she?”

Another dress pic, this one taken at the 4th Grade Father/Daughter dance.

At the highly popular (and super smelly) Canfield Fair.

Psycho Emma Part 2

Insisted on being in a parade representing Market Street Elementary

Soccer day with the Boardman High School team

“King me!”

What? Winnie loves it when I read to him. This isn’t a headlock, it’s a hug. (Actually, he sat listening for quite a while)

Always the reader. She’s already read more books in her life than I have. She’ll be a writer, too. Emma will be a guest blogger for me someday soon.

God bless you, and have a great weekend with your family.


8 thoughts on “Family Fun Friday – Emma

  1. Not only is she cute, she is bright AND she is continuing the family tradition (following her great-grandpa, her grandpa AND her mother) playing Trombone way to go Emma!

    • Hey Grandpa! Emma just told me to let you know she borrowed your music stand yesterday when she went to the house to get something from Africa that Ronnie told her she could use for a school project. Thanks!

  2. I commented, but it disappeared. I’ll try again. I enjoyed the pics!
    I fondly remember taking care of Emma when she was a baby and playing with her when she was a toddler. It was good preparation for my eventually becoming a grandma!

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