Family Fun Friday – Happy Mothers Day Vanda!

One of my favorite pictures during our vacation in Hocking Hills

I thought I’d change the plan and have Vanda’s photos for Family Fun Friday this week because of Mothers Day. There’s a great video of Vanda dancing to a Wii game, but getting it on the blog didn’t work out. Too bad. These pictures should suffice. It’s my hope that you see the love Vanda has for her family, and why I thank God for her. Enjoy!

Eating on a train ride during our Hocking Hills vacation

A rare time to dress up. Very nice.

First meal at the new Grandma and Grandpa Spence home in Boardman.

During our great evening stroll in Arizona

My sweet view during dinner before the great stroll in Arizona

Pushing her Skoda back home in England was great prep for being a mommy.

Mommy watching one of the many pre-school shows

Enjoying pizza the kids made at Family Camp at Camp Burton

On the Lazy River while at a Church Planting Conference in Myrtle Beach

High above Pittsburgh

Ahhhhh . . . a rite of passage.

Happy Mothers Day!


4 thoughts on “Family Fun Friday – Happy Mothers Day Vanda!

    • Thanks Bird! I haven’t been called beautiful since back in the day when I would dress up like a woman for a laugh during skit night at summer camp. Brings back memories. I’ll check out the award today. Thanks for thinking of me.

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