Guest blogger, my 11 yr old Emma, writes a Mothers Day post

(By Emma Knickerbocker – I didn’t have time to figure out how to change the heading thingy.)

Mother`s Day is fantastic. I love thinking back to things that mom did funny. One thing I remember is when we went to Kennywood for the first time. It had also been our first time on…THE PHANTOM! It was twisting, and turning every yard or two, mind you this is my kind of ride. I`d been excited about it since I first heard of this enjoyable joyride. I begged mom if we could go on it first.”After a couple others honey”, she said in that British accent (which I, like many others, enjoy). So we went on Garfield’s Nightmare, a couple others, and FINALLY… THE PHANTOM (< I`ll be doing that every time. I love it!)!

I was a little nervous at first,(okay, really nervous) but I broke that wall of fear and literally “hopped on”. Mom and Jess were in front of me. We were pulled up the track. We were sky-high. Up and over, and away we go! I heard mom screaming like a mad woman in a British accent. You know how people say “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” and you never hear the “h”? So it`s just “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”? Words that end in “a” (or sound like an “a”) in a British accent have a “r” sound in it, so it`s “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR!”. That is exactly what mom sounded like. It. Was. Hilarious.

I was laughing and screaming. Laughing because of mom, screaming because of the awesome ride. I can`t even describe how funny mom was when she got off. All I can say is, boy does she have wobbly legs. Almost the exact same thing happened on… the EXTERMINATOR! I was riding with my sister, who had surfaced the courage to go on it.

That was funny to. But alas, that story is for another time.

Happy Mother`s Day!:>

P.S. I actually managed to make over 306 words and 2 pages! An achievement made on Mother`s Day!


7 thoughts on “Guest blogger, my 11 yr old Emma, writes a Mothers Day post

  1. Emma my love, may I point out that your mother, Aunt Sam and Grandpa speak proper English, Queens English so mock not. Look after her for me until I can get back to give you all big hugs, love you all – Grandpa. X

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