I’ve won a beauty award

It’s been a long time since I’ve been called “beautiful,” and even then it was during a camp skit when I dressed up like a lady to make the kids laugh. This time it’s different, though. It’s not about my looks, but about my blog. Bird Martin has become a friend and fellow-blogger. She has hundreds of people following her because she has a way of connecting with people by being real. Her honesty about her quest to follow Jesus is refreshing. She admits that she’s had enough with region. Her blog is about her life and how living a Christian life works out in her experience, along with her three grown children and motorcycle-loving husband. So, I am pleased and honored that she has given me a shout out to receive this award. Thanks Bird!

Here are the rules on what you need to do if you accept the Beautiful Blogger award:

1.  Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog. (done)

2.  Share the love by passing the award along to some other bloggers you adore.

3.  Keep writing, inspiring, loving and living in joy and beauty!

Here are the bloggers I’d like to pass this award on to:

  1. J. S. Park of The Way Everlasting
  2. Kimmy of The Smug Cloud
  3. Stephy of Stephyness

J. S. Park calls himself an “atheist Pastor,” but don’t be confused by it. He’s a Christian through and through who explores his doubts about God and addresses questions other people pose with truth that can at times be blunt. He’s like the Dr. Gregory House of Christian blogging. We need more of that!

Kimmy is a friend of mine who got me into blogging. She’s a quiet person who can blog on just about anything.  She is very entertaining and can be as deep as anybody I know. But, she’s been a bit of a slacker in the blog writing thing lately. So, feel free to encourage her to write more – even her first book, and let her know the Honorable Reverend Pastor Sir sent you. That’s what she calls me in jest because, as a part of the launch team for our most recent church plant, she knows my preference is to be called “Dave,” instead of “Pastor Dave”.

I met Stephy just a few weeks ago and I don’t even remember how. She’s a student at York University in England. If you only read blogs by Christian writers, I challenge you to read Stephy. Her blog can be very funny, but she also writes about life in general. I find that though she doesn’t write from a Christian perspective, she says many things I can relate to.

If Bird hadn’t been the one to choose me for this award, she’d be on this list too. Thanks again Bird!


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