Family Fun Friday – Jess

I thought I’d share with you some of the pictures of my family that happen to be on my laptop, highlighting a different family member each Friday. It’s a great reminder of what God has given to me, and my hope is you’ll be inspired to thank him for yours. These pictures are of a few years back. It’s better thay way, really. Jess is now 13, goes by “Jessie” (but not by me and Vanda), and would certainly veto most of the recent pictures I’d use.

So graceful. And then there’s the next picture . . .

“Daddy, do I have something in my teeth?”

Lovin’ Grandpa’s red convertible

During our Hocking Hills vacation a few years ago

Terrified by my good buddy Frank

(With Gma and Gpa Knick, Great Gma Knick and Aung Bobbie)

“Hey buddy, why such a long face?”

Look away, please. I’m tearing up with pride.

“Are you done yet, Dad?”

I’ve run out of family members, and we’re not planning on any more. So I’m thinking about highlighting the dog next week.


6 thoughts on “Family Fun Friday – Jess

  1. That’s my girl so proud of her as I am of all five of my grandchildren. I am also mightily relieved to hear there will be no more, wouldn’t be without them but I don’t know that I could cope with more. Love them all to bits. I have just one question – where did Jess get her athletic prowess?

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