Caught on Camera at the Laundromat – A positive spin

Be honest now. Have you ever done anything this stupid with your kids before? I was playing with Emma when she was three. We were doing that thing where the kid holds your hands, runs up your legs and flips over backwards, landing on her feet standing up. We were a bit too vigorous with one of her flips and she spun out of my grip, landing on her wrist on the floor. unfortunately, the new toy watch she was wearing ended up breaking her wrist.

I felt like crap. It felt worse explaining what happened to the Vanda, the staff at the hospital and to people at church. Okay, maybe you’ve never done something that stupid. I’m sure what I felt pales in comparison to what the young couple in the video have experienced. These parents have taken some major flack for what they did, but the video shows that they didn’t respond to the crisis as parents who don’t care. They were just having fun and it backfired in a major way. They’ve paid the price many times over.

When I first viewed this video, a few things struck me about it. Notice how young the father looks. Now keep in mind where this took place. Finally, what activity was he engaging in (and I don’t mean the part about endangering his child). One of the biggest problem with our country is fathers who have no part of their children’s lives. For a young man to take the time to be involved is significant. Oh, and did you notice they were in a laundromat, a very difficult place for a mom to entertain her toddler and get things done at the same time? So, with all this horrible reaction to a terrifying video about this young father, I’d like to emphatically make this positive observation:

He was there.

This young dad was present in an age where it’s become customary to high tail it and run. He wasn’t just sitting around marking time either. He was busy engaging with his kid. How many of the people who heavily criticize this young man haven’t spent time with their own kids in months? I don’t imagine he’ll ever read this blog. Just in case he does, I’d like him to be encouraged to learn from his mistakes, but to keep doing what he’s been trying to do so well . . . being a dad.

So, young man in the video, from one messed up dad to another – let me be the first to wish you a Happy Father’s Day (albeit a few weeks early).

By the way, if you’ve watched this video more than once, please refer to yesterday’s blog.


6 thoughts on “Caught on Camera at the Laundromat – A positive spin

  1. You must have fixed it Dave because I was able to watch it. You’re right we have all as parents done stupid things that may have endangered our children, but unintentionally. It demonstrates our humanity (as well as stupidity), but one thing we can “take to the Bank” is that our Heavenly Father interacts with us, if we let Him, but when He does our well being is never endangered we always benefit from it.

  2. Awesome post and wow this totally goes with what I just posted about. I agree wholeheartedly that at least the father was there and he didn’t know that the dryer was going to close on him. It brings tears to my eyes when they realized what happened and ran to get help.
    I love how people are so quick to judge others based on what they see on the outside. We love to focus on the negative that someone is doing, but not the positive. From my experience, I realize God was teaching me something huge. There have been times in my life that I looked at a parent who wasn’t holding their child’s hand walking in the street or didn’t have their child buckled in their carriage and criticized them internally. I have had the thought “Thank God I never do that or I’m a better mom” fly through my head. It’s different when you have a parent who intentionally wants to cause harm to their children or is habitually neglecting them.. I mean child abuse is REAL and it is heart-breaking, but this clearly isn’t child abuse, it’s just one unwise move on the parent’s part. Thank you so much for sharing this and giving us a different perspective..

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