Family Fun Friday – Winston Hoover Houdini Knickerbocker

We adopted Winston a few months after moving to Boardman. He doesn’t do much and nothing bothers him. That has made it easy for the kids to dress him up. These are a few pics I have on my laptop of our dog. We called him Winston after Winston Churchill whose mum was American. Since Winnie’s a British breed (we think), the name is appropriate since he lives in a dual British/American household. “Hoover” comes from his propensity to suck up any food particle that hits the floor. “Houdini” came from early on when he would manage to escape from his leash on a regular basis. Now I just affectionately refer to him as “Big Dummy”.

A few weeks back I decided to highlight a different family member to show the world how much God as blessed me. It’s a great reminder to me as well.

Enjoy the rest of the pics!

Emma sits more with Winnie than with people

The part of Blitzen will be played by Winston today


Winston called Emma to him again.

“Come here and let me get a closer look at that hot dog.”

“Winnie, let’s hurry up and finish this book before Dad catches you on the couch.”

Winnie’s beginning to think that Emma’s a dog.

“Argh, it’s time for trick-or-treating!”
“Here Dad, this is my good side.”

 Have a great weekend with your family!


6 thoughts on “Family Fun Friday – Winston Hoover Houdini Knickerbocker

  1. Aww, cute.. a family dog – a precious thing!! I’ve just, at the age of 30, got my first dog and they’re incredible creatures to have around!!! Enjoy Winnie, he looks amazing!!! Beccy

  2. Since I married Vanda’s mom we have had one dog. It was actually her sister Sam’s he was called Freeway and was a Cavalier King Charles – brain dead rather like the monarch the breed was called after. That said he was lovely. The girls grew up with dogs nevertheless as their Grandpa almost always had a dog, Candy a sheltie who was a nervous wreck and Blackie who had a lovely temperament.
    I prefer dogs to cats, because dogs make you feel needed and rely on you, unlike cats who are altogether too self reliant and only come to you if and when they want something. That’s a bit like many people and God. People of faith rely on Him constantly and look to him for all things, whereas those who profess no faith rather like cats turn to him when they want or need something.
    Of course you may disagree.

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