Kim Kardashian’s important decision

Stop the presses! The regularly scheduled blog for today is being interrupted for some important news: Kim Kardashian has decided to run for mayor of Glendale, California! There are a couple of problems to overcome before that happens, though. The LA Times reports that Kardashian is a resident of Las Angeles. The reality show star will have to change her place of abode at least 90 days before the election. The second obstacle is a bit more tricky: There is no such thing as a mayoral race in Glendale, CA.

The Times clarifies that the only elected officials in the LA suburb are the five city council people, the treasurer and the clerk. The position of mayor changes every year and the honor is bestowed by a majority vote of the council.

Oops. If the needs of the people are such a great concern that it prompts a noble pursuit, shouldn’t there at least be a minimal effort put out to understand what she’s getting into?

As disturbing as this is, it gets worse. One of the city councilmen told the Times the he’d support Kardashian as mayor because she’d do a good job. What? The fact that she doesn’t even know how to get the position is a good indication of her comprehension of what the job entails, don’t you think? In offering his support, this councilman dishonors his occupation as servant of the people of that city. Sadly, I don’t doubt she could win a seat on the city council and be designated mayor by her municipally empowered peers. Were that to happen, they’d better get ready for a city hall makeover complete with tv cameras.

Everyday you decide to do church, do you know what you’re getting into? Jesus said that we are light of the world. That’s a pretty big deal! If you’ve signed on to this whole Christianity thing, then you are the one to carry out the task of bringing his precious, life-giving message of salvation to the world. It’s a big task and you need to take it seriously. The great commission isn’t something you can line-item veto out of your commitment to Jesus, and it certainly isn’t a publicity stunt.

If you think Kim Kardashian looks silly in all of this, than maybe you’ve been given a glimpse into how God views the way much his church does its thing. It might be time to bring honor back to the office you already hold.


7 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian’s important decision

  1. I’m not surprised. To me, they are entertaining, but Kim doesn’t strike me as a “detail” person!! Lol…I like this one, Dave!

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