Nik Wallenda tightropes across Niagara Falls, but why?

Why in the world would he want to do that? Aren’t there enough planes, boats and bridges to get Nik Wallenda from one side of Niagara Falls to the other? What an unnecessary risk! It would seem that the insanity is hereditary. Nik Wallenda’s family is full of highwire daredevils that goes back six generations according to an associated press article.

Many had crossed the Niagara further down river, but Wallenda is the first to do it directly over the falls. High winds and water unsteadied the two-inch cable that was providing him passage. If that weren’t enough, he decided it was a good idea to be interviewed during the walk to add more distraction. He wouldn’t have had a safety tether in the event of a slip if ABC hadn’t insisted. He was drawn to this danger that took two years to get approval from both countries (it’s normally an illegal event) that hadn’t been done in any fashion for over 100 years.

But why? I don’t get it. It is amazing, but I have no desire to do it, so why should I care if he does? He hasn’t improved mankind in any way. Nobody’s life was saved or standard of living improved (although I’m sure it gave a boost to the local economy).

And yet, I find myself watching the video and reading articles about it. I was far from the only one. About 100,000 people at the falls and another several million via ABC watched it live, putting ABC in the unfamiliar place of number one in the ratings for the night. Nik Wallenda has a story and it interests many, many people. So it doesn’t matter if I get it. It’s a desire he was born with and that he pursued through many world records that culminated in one fantastic evening. Well done, Nik.

Now imagine a church that operates that way. The God-given passion you have may not make sense to everyone else, but since it’s God-given it doesn’t have to. It’s your job to give your dream life. Wallenda didn’t jump right to the great Niagara as his first gig. Neither should you. Make your journey a quest to fulfilling your dream and let God lead the way. If you don’t, the precious vision God gave to you will die with you, and nobody will ever know it existed. And if you don’t have a dream, then maybe you’re not really on a journey at all (I’ll save that one for another blog).

Keep dreaming that awesome dream and do all you can to make it happen. Every gift God gives is invaluable, and your passion is no different.


2 thoughts on “Nik Wallenda tightropes across Niagara Falls, but why?

  1. Not to detract from your musing, but it may help in part to understand what happened. A famous British Mountaineer who had just climbed Everest was once asked that very thing – why. His response was because it is there!

    I know I don’t understand the rationale either, but that was what he said.

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