Jerry Sandusky doesn’t deserve to go to heaven


Okay, he is innocent until proven guilty. But with so much smoke, there has to be at least a little fire. Even a little fire of this kind should buy him a one way ticket to an eternal burning experience.

If he’s guilty of even one of these accusations, he’s done the most heinous of things to the most innocent of people; a child. To make the crimes possible he posed as just the opposite of who he was – a man concerned with the welfare of children – by starting the Second Mile, a charity for underprivileged kids. So he’s also a hypocrite in the worst way. And what about setting up the last few months of the life of one of the most revered men in college sports, Joe Paterno, with a terrible scandal? Paterno should have done more, but Sandusky created the situation for him. As a result, a life that had stood out as one of integrity ended in moral turmoil.

If any of these allegations are true, than there is nobody more deserving of hell than Jerry Sandusky. Let’s all join the bandwagon! I’m picturing a mob scene like the kind that happens every other episode on the Simpsons. This is the type of guy prison guards have to protect from other prisoners because of the contempt they have for his lack of moral character. Most people wouldn’t object to police brutality in this case! He will certainly be facing eternal damnation, but I’m sure God is okay with us giving give him little a taste of it now for the awful things he has done!

But in the middle of it all, the mercy of God shouts out in glorious tones . . .

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. (Romans 3:23, NIV)

Despite all he’s been accused of doing, if Jerry Sandusky admits his sin and puts his faith in Jesus for salvation, he will receive it. It doesn’t seem fair. Yes, Jerry Sandusky doesn’t deserve to go to heaven; but neither do you. Any act of rebellion against God is fare for a one way ticket to hell. All of us have done something wrong. Sin is sin, and Jesus died to rid all forms of it for those who accept his gift.

So, no matter how far you may have screwed up – even after having Jesus in your life – he’s more than capable of setting you free. If he can do it for a guy like Jerry Sandusky, he can do it for you. And not only can Jesus save you from your sin, he desperately wants to.

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. (2nd Peter 3:9, NIV)


9 thoughts on “Jerry Sandusky doesn’t deserve to go to heaven

  1. Christ Himself said that if anyone harms one of these little ones it were better that he had a millstone hung around his neck and he was cast into the sea. But the Bible also says that if anyone confesses their sin then He is faithful and just to forgive them.

    Contradictory, maybe but the quote about harming children dies not say that they will never be forgiven if they confess their guilt and seek his forgiveness. I for one am eternally, literally, grateful for that assurance. We should reject what Sandusky has done, in purely human terms it is unforgivable, thankfully our Saviour doesn’t think in human terms, aren’t we fortunate – or maybe the correct term is Blessed.

  2. This is a tough one for me. Not because I disagree but because I agree. I think I would be less conflicted if he admitted his guilt and apologized for his sin and the way he’s affected these young boys’ lives – as well as the countless others he’s affected. The others involved (leaders, law enforcement and colleagues) who did nothing despite their knowledge (or even suspicion) also stand responsible. These acts are agregious, not “bad” or “wrong” but agregious and horrific. It makes my stomach turn.

    • It is tough. Maybe he will ask for forgiveness if he’s found guilty, and maybe not for years. But, if all sin is against God, maybe that gives us an indication of how God views the things we do wrong. It gives us a glimpse into the limitlessness of his mercy. Thanks so much for commenting, Hilary.

  3. I had discussed something similar with the death of Osama bin Ladin.

    I don’t deserve heaven but am grateful and humbled for/by the grace of God!

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