Far Side Friday – Cancelled

You’ll notice there’s no picture on this post. No more Far Side Friday. A friend of mine sent me an email informing me that copyright laws govern all pictures; even on a blog. I had figured that anything posted on the internet to be free game since they’ve been made so easily accessible, as long as proper credit is given. This makes blogging a bit more complicated. Pictures are so important! I’ll have to do some more research on what I can and can’t post. I’ve done some already, but I want to be more adequately informed. Any suggestions for sites where I can get copyright-free pics will be greatly appreciated.

It makes sense, though. People who make a living off the photos are in it to, well, make a living. Even if it didn’t make sense to me, it’s the way things are. I am bound legally whether I like it or not. Just because it’s easy to break the law, that doesn’t make it acceptable.

So, this post today is without a picture. I’m not protesting. My point is that doing the right thing will often make things more difficult. But, it’s the right thing to do. There was a bulletin board I remember from years back (I’m fighting the temptation to find a picture of it on the internet to post here) that was sort of a public service announcement that read: “Ignorance is bliss, but it won’t stand up in court.” Being willingly unaware may make things easier and ease your conscience, but you’re still culpable legally.

Jesus once said “If the blind lead the blind, Both will fall into a pit. (Matthew 15:14, NIV)” (note proper citation!). There are things about following God that the teachers of the law and the Pharisees either made up or ignored for their own benefit. Taking care of widows and orphans wasn’t done so much. Their poor track record of keeping the Temple a house of prayer for all nations was a particular sore spot for the Almighty. And the people who followed them? Jesus was warning them to get their acts together and to follow Jesus, not the imposters.

So, church goer, ignorance is bliss, but it won’t stand up in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Is there anything you have been overlooking? Have you done anything to feed the poor or care for those who are suffering? Here’s a touchy subject: when was the last time your life exuded the life of Jesus Christ to someone who doesn’t know him (that who great commission thing)? Or, maybe you’ve stopped studying the Word of God because it reveals more about you than you’d like to deal with. It’s possible that you do study the word but have become accustomed to ignoring it’s implications on your life.

It may be easier that way, but that’s your attempt at living life to the fullest extent through faith in yourself. Sounds silly, doesn’t it?


32 thoughts on “Far Side Friday – Cancelled

  1. Dave I note that you reference the Bible quote you use, but don’t be alarmist Christ and the Apostles will not pursue you through the copyright courts, they are just pleased that you put it before the people.

  2. I didn’t realize this either. I found a site that lists some links to supposed public domain photos. There is a long list, but feel free to check these out. http://copyrightfriendly.wikispaces.com/ Also, I’m thinking you could sign up for istock or Shutterstock or something like that, and would be allowed to use those however you like, since you would be paying a small fee to do so?

  3. yes, but wordpress.com blogs have the little thing where you can add photo’s to your blog, each photo tells you the copyright protection of that particular pic, some are public domain, others can be used for noncommercial, etc.

  4. Dave – I sent an email to your box on how to get copyright free photos on WordPress. I hope somebody else didn’t beat me to it and that it is helpful to you.

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