The New Adventures of Outreach Man

Yes, this is how Randy Brunko, the senior pastor at Evangel Baptist Church in Boardman, OH, introduced me to our church. As you struggle to rid your mind of the image of me in full body spandex and a cape, allow me to elaborate.

I’m sitting in my new office typing this blog post. This is my second week as the evangelism pastor, and I can’t wait to see what God has in store! Vanda and I know that God has another church plant in mind for us, so I’ll serve the church – the one we’d already been attending – in this capacity as God brings things together for the birthing of another vital Christian Community in the Mahoning Valley, which is still in the dreaming stage at this point. It will be some time in the making, and we trust God to work out the vision and how it will be realized.

Evangel is full of people who enjoy serving Jesus Christ. Last Saturday, several of us got together for Positive Impact, a ministry developed that developed from the passion of a small group that provides food via a food pantry for hundreds of people on the third Saturday of every month. Sheryl and Chuck Wilder lead the team of volunteers that gives cookies and other snacks to people in need as they wait their turn to choose from the display of food set up for them. What a blessing!

One of the best parts of this whole concept is that it originated with the people of the church. It’s not something Pastor Randy told them to do. Woo hoo for the priesthood of all believers! There is potential in each of the children of God to pursue a ministry that the Holy Spirit has put on their hearts. How many more ways to share Jesus will we discover at Evangel? Very exciting!

Thanks Sheryl and Chuck, and everybody else who pitched in. God is more than pleased with your efforts. It just goes to show that everyone can be and Outreach Man (or woman, or kid).

Great, now I have to get the image out of my mind of the rest of you in spandex and a cape.


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