“Dark Knight” shooting shows promise of a brighter day

Friends from Living Hope Church got me this t-shirt. There were lots of requests for info on how to get it. My friends just got it by typing “Dads Against Daughters Dating” on eBay. It’s a funny shirt that annoys my eldest daughter. I know how young guys are (cause I was one). In most cases, they have a lot to learn about how to treat a girl before earning the right to date one of my little ladies. Many guys never figure it out.

But, the story of four boyfriends at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado shows that there is hope for the next generation.

The Huffington Post reported that three young men died protecting their girlfriends from the onslaught of bullets, and one more brave young man died later of the same act of valor. Jon Blunk, Matt McQuinn, Alex Teves, and one other (whose name I couldn’t find) risked their own lives to protect the young women they were with. There wasn’t time to think. These guys did what was natural to them, and they paid the ultimate price. Jesus put this action into perspective when he said that there is no greater love than that shown when a person lays down his or her life for a friend. I don’t know if any of these guys were afraid of marriage because of the stereotypical fear of commitment, but if there was any doubt about their love, they proved it by what they did that fateful night.

And I am grateful. I’m grateful because they did a Jesus thing even if they didn’t know him. That gives me hope. First of all, if guys out there have Jesus-like tendencies, maybe they’re more attuned to take in his story than Christians realize. Secondly, that means there are at least a few guys out there ready to treat my daughters properly.

Thanks, gentlemen, for your sacrifice. Thanks for your display of true love in an age when the concept of love is minimized and distorted. Thanks for showing me that there’s hope for the young men of this country. Your families and your country are extremely proud, and we honor you. Whether or not you knew Jesus, you can be sure he’s please with your actions. After all, he knows where you’re coming from more than anybody else.

Ok, so the Dad in me prompts me to continue wearing my D.A.D.D. shirt, but maybe just a little less.


4 thoughts on ““Dark Knight” shooting shows promise of a brighter day

  1. I have watched, listened and read much about what happened in Aurora last Friday evening, and I have heard the left blame the right and vice versa, I have heard calls for stricter gun control laws, and I am confused.

    We in the UK have some of the strictest Firearms Laws in the world, yet we too have experienced the slaughter of innocence. Some 13 years ago a mad man walked into an elementary school in a small Scottish town called Dunblane and killed a number of the children and a Teacher who tried to protect her charges. More recently we had two men who suddenly went crazy, one in Yorkshire and the other in Lancashire, in all of these cases the weapons used were shot guns, the every day tools of farmers and gamekeepers. There were no so called assault weapons, but then as I understand it nor were there in the Virginia Tech. shootings or in the Tucson shooting or in Aurora.

    On Sunday Norway another nation with strict gun law remembered the 77 young people who were slaughtered whilst at a camp on an Island in a lake, a more peaceful place it is difficult to imagine, a place which reflects the beauty and wonder of Gods creation. The atrocity started with the perpetrator setting off a car bomb in central Oslo. No assault weapons were used here either yet 77 young people died.

    The point I am trying, perhaps clumsily, to make is that the problem lies not with the guns pre se but with the innate which is within man himself. I read a letter on Monday in The Times by a self confessed atheist who stated how interesting that the first murder in history was committed by one of the first two people to be born and not created. It struck as a surprising point to be made by an atheist, and told him so.

    On a lighter note I have two daughters who have given birth between them to three girls, their fathers, my sons-in-law have both said their respective daughters would not date until they were 30. Well good luck with that Dave, and as old as I am I too remember what young guys are like because I too was once one – now there is a surprise! By the way I have two grandsons and cannot but wonder if the 30 year old rule is applied with them.

    • Not clumsy at all, Frank. Evil is alive and well. That’s why, in the middle of all the senseless killing, these young men really stood out for me and many others. As for your other son-in-law, Simon; he does extremely well by your Sam. Your across-the-pond (from this American perspective) grandson has grown up giving witness to that, so I’m sure he’ll be the same way with his future lady. And I’ll so my best with your American grandson.

    • Sweet! I certainly appreciate your voice as well. I’ve visited your blog. Hilarious! In order to be that funny you have to be very perceptive. Such a voice is always worth hearing. Thanks for the comments (although I’m still trying to decide if being called “sane” by a comedian is a good thing!)

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