A Keen Eye

Source: CBSnews.com

US women gymnasts were horrified by a mistake I didn’t even see.

Okay, the olympics are long over: those two weeks when those of us who have little knowledge of sports like water polo, badminton and judoka (I think it’s a combination of judo and Sudoku) become expert novices of the more obscure events. It seemed that some sports took the stage more than others. Our tvs couldn’t get enough of the US woman’s gymnastics team that did so well. It was during one routine (bet you didn’t know I was aware they called it that), that despite hearing volumes about the sport, there were things I still missed.

I think one of the ladies may have been on the balance beam. All was going well. To me it looked like perfection – flipping in the air and landing perfectly on a piece of wood three inches or so thick. The announcer casually mentioned a mistake. I couldn’t see it! After the routine was done, NBC showed the reaction of the rest of the team that had been watching from the seats. They all jumped as if they’d just witnessed a horrific car accident. I hadn’t seen a thing, but they knew that an awful mistake had been made.

The best people to catch your mistake are those engaged in what you’re doing at the highest levels. There are things that your Christian friends will notice about your spiritual journey that other friends won’t. This is kind of a continuation of my blog last week. Only when we’re vulnerable with our Christian family will they feel it’s okay to offer support in our quest to become like Jesus. They may even catch things we’ve missed.

Just like with equestrian or modern pentathlon, you’ll need to depend on more than a novice to give you the support you need to live life to the fullest extent through faith in Jesus Christ. Learn to trust the experts God has put around you.


2 thoughts on “A Keen Eye

  1. I have seen the comments added on your page regarding this blog and do not disagree, but I would like to add post script.
    We have just had 11 days of incredible competition after the Olympics, they were the Paralympics and the competitors were an amazing inspiration, whose commitment and dedication were inspirational. Perhaps we were treated to more of them because we were the host nation but I understand that, I think it was NBC got the TV rights, you were treated to a one hour synopsis in the evening. Well if that is true you missed an amazing spectacle.
    Apart from those who were born with disability, and those who became disabled through disease there were many, especially in the UK and the US Teams who were disabled by the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Union Flag was unfurled in the closing ceremony by a British Army Captain who is a double amputee who climbed the flag staff unaided to do so. These men and women deserve our respect for the way they have overcome adversity.
    There are many Christians who are “disabled” or as someone said in Church on Sunday “differently abled”. These come from families who actively oppose their faith, or like Pastor Yuosef just gloriously released form Prison, or the young girl released in Pakistan. Some come from backgrounds of alcohol or drug abuse, some from physical and sexual abuse but despite their scars both physical, emotional and yes spiritual they have overcome.
    These Christians and Athletes should inspire us all to give of our best and to give our all.

    • Frank, I’m sure they were on some tv channel in the US. We don’t have cable or satelite and aren’t privy to everything that is broadcasted. There were many references to the paralympics by NBC, which makes me think they probably showed it on one of their stations. They are inspiration to everyone. People who think that life is over when bad things happen can look to them for inspiration. I’m sure many have.

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