My celebrity look alike

Who is your celebrity lookalike? People amuse themselves by finding who they resemble in the world of fame and fortune. I’m not in the practice of doing this, but the new glasses I got last week made it unavoidable. My wife chose them for me and, despite my hesitance, I went with her suggestion. Her odd choices have a history of landing in my favor, like her decision about whom to marry. I’m not usually on the front end of fashion trends anyway.

While in the store choosing frames the eventual winner made me think of old pictures of my Dad, or of some guy on the tv show Mad Men (based in the 60s).  But, the most glaring resemblance is . . .

Drew Carey in November 2008

Drew Carey in November 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wouldn’t have been my first choice.

Okay, I don’t look as much like Drew Carey in these pictures as in real life. Trust me on this one. While trying on my frames I noted this comparison and asked the lady working there what she thought. She chuckled and said, “I’m not gonna lie. You really do look like him.”  Ouch.

But, my wife doesn’t think so. She really likes them and she’s the one I most want to please.  Besides, I may not like the way they look, but they’ll grow on me. I know they will because I’ve looked at pictures of me in the past wearing glasses I wouldn’t dream of wearing now. My desire to please my wife will change me yet again.

Do you want to please God? Well, he really wants you to look like Jesus Christ. This must be the aim of every Christian despite what you fear others may think of you. So maybe you should trust God’s opinion more than your own. He’s got a better eye for who you could become, don’t you think?

I’d love to hear what celebrities you resemble.


19 thoughts on “My celebrity look alike

  1. People have told me I look like Sheryl Crow and Charisma Carpenter. I’ll take either! lol. I made my husband get those glasses, too. lol.

    • Yeah, maybe I can make some money on the side! I was thinking about starting hosting a show about churches that miss the mark. I’d call it “Whose Church Is It Anyway,” where the sermons are made up and the points don’t matter (ba-dum-dum).

      Thanks Yalanda.

  2. I’m sorry but I laughed. That sudden picture of Drew Carey is punchline gold.
    I’ve been told my celebrity lookalike is Jet Li. I always reply, “How dare you say such prejudiced things. I’m taller.”

    • Awesome! The John Ritter thing is pretty good, but I can see your similarity with the guy from Indiana Jones without having viewed the movie in years. And, there are many of us who have had an unfortunate fedora phase.

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