Here’s the gift that is the greatest reflection of me!

Have you ever done a white elephant gift exchange?

It’s basically this: take something from your home that you don’t use or want . . . and you get to unload it on your friends.  No purchasing of gifts allowed. Wrap it and bring it to the party.  We did this for our young adult Christmas party from church.  Each person is instructed to choose a number out of a hat.  Whoever chooses number one goes to the table with the gifts first, chooses one, and unwraps it.  The person with number 2 can then either steal what number 1 has or open another gift from the table.  Number 3 can steal either from number one or number two, and so on.

I was number eight of 14.  When I saw what number 3 opened, I knew it was going to be mine.  My turn came and I stole it – and nobody even looked to take it from me the rest of the evening.  I don’t know if that was because it was so obviously me and they didn’t have the heart to tango, or they just didn’t want it.

Anyway, here it is . . .

Drew Carey Bobble Head

Yes, it’s a Drew Carey bobble head thingy from about 2006.  After my November 8 post, I knew that this gift was destined to be mine (besides that fact that nobody else wanted it).

Here’s a pic of me, just to prove the point:


Okay, it’s not a perfect fit. But, it’s close enough to fool my own kids.  When I got home I told them that someone had made a bobble head of me. They thought it was the most amazing thing and wanted one done of them too. (By the way, God’s okay with lying to your kids if there’s potential for a great illustration).

Ellen and Geoff Nelson, the sis and bro who sacrificially parted this awesome treasure, hadn’t even considered my likeness to the comedian-turned-gameshow host. They just took the opportunity to get rid of some junk. But, it’s my prize that will be on my desk for years to come. What others had considered garbage is desirable to me, at least in this case, because it carries my image.  (Or, at least appears to.  Work with me here).

Maybe that gives insight to why God loves you so much.  You are created in his image. Really, you are.  So, no matter how low you consider yourself to be, you will always be precious to him. No matter how worthless you think you are, you are priceless to the One who had his own Son murdered on your behalf so that you could someday be with him.

I’ll bet God’s desk has a few billion bobble heads on it, and one of them is of you.  Be assured that you are his treasure, and let that have an effect on your awesome New Year.

I’d love to hear if there is a gift you have ever received that most reflects who you are.


9 thoughts on “Here’s the gift that is the greatest reflection of me!

  1. Your white elephant party sounds like it was a great time of fellowship!
    We do a white elephant gift exchange every year and love the chance to get together and have fun with those we love.
    I like you discussion of bobbleheads… We found a white elephant gift market that is full of unique bobble heads. Your group might find it interesting:
    Happy New Year!

    • Ha! Actually, I had a had that was identical to the one on the Bobble head, but I can’t find it. It’s the best hat I had to make the point. Thanks Kenny, and I hope you’ve had a great start to your New Year.

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