Have you ever been aMaZeD by God? Lynda has.

Evangel's Christmas shop! (that's Lynda and Sheryl in the background)

Evangel’s Christmas shop! (that’s Lynda and Sheryl in the background)

My good friend Lynda Hawkins took a chance, and it paid off in a big way.  She asked people to help and was, as she put it, “aMaZeD” (she works with kids, so you can understand her penchant for fancy word art) at how people responded with donations to help our church help people in need at Thanksgiving.

So she did it again.

Our church has a food pantry called Positive Impact that provides groceries for over 200 families on the third Saturday of every month.  The need is always more during the holiday season.  We like to give turkeys to as many families as possible, and people we’d never met made that possible for far more families than we could have managed on our own.

And, get this, she used the blessings we received for the Thanksgiving thing as a springboard to encourage people to give again for those in need at Christmas.  Here’s Lynda’s second request right from her facebook wall:

A couple of weeks ago I was aMaZeD at the outpouring of help I received when I shared a need for turkeys for our food pantry at Evangel Baptist Church. Less than 24 hours later we had 110 and by the next morning we had more than 130!!! We are now trying to provide coats and 1 toy for 70 of our most needy children (they range from 1 1/2 months to 17 yrs.) this coming Tuesday. So……..if you can help I would LovE to be aMaZeD again!!!!!!

A friend of a friend of Lynda had noticed the request and gave Lynda a call.  After a few questions to make sure what we were doing was legit (can’t blame her there), the woman mentioned something about a gift card for $50 that could be used by the church to purchase gifts and coats.  Every little bit counts – and this was a generous sum – so Lynda made arrangements to meet with the donor in the church parking lot to receive the gift.

When they met up they chatted a little bit more.  This time the woman mentioned gift “cards”.  With all that was on her mind, Lynda didn’t catch on right away.  The woman left a bag and went on her way.  When Lynda got to the office she opened the bag and found dozens of gift cards for $20 and $50 that totaled well over $1,000.  Praise God!

If Lynda hadn’t had the courage to put a similar request out there a second time, many families would have gone without last Christmas.  Who was is that said, “You do not have because you do not ask”?  Oh yeah, it was Jesus.  I know he was talking about asking God and this story is about asking from people, but Lynda and our team did both and it paid off . . . twice.

Lynda, thanks for your great courage and care for people.  I have a hunch he gives you what you ask for because you have a heart like his.


13 thoughts on “Have you ever been aMaZeD by God? Lynda has.

    • Thanks Lori. BTW, I started at Planet Fitness this week. I did one mile on the tread mill and used a few other machines I’d almost forgotten how to use. I do it in the morning, and though I don’t like it for now, I have noticed a difference in my energy level all day. Do I see a marathon in my future?

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