Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Genesis 11

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang vintage vehicle at Lle...

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang vintage vehicle at Lledo show (Photo credit: Daves Portfolio)

My family watched the classic Disney film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang last weekend.  It’s amazing to me that a film made before I was born can keep the interests of my kids.  My wife and I remember seeing it as children.

I finally noticed the license plate on our fine four-fendered friend.  It reads “Gen 11”.  Could it be a hidden Bible message by Ian Flemming, the author of the book the movie is created from (yep, the same guy who is responsible for creating the James Bond character)?

So, I looked up Genesis 11 to uncover this little nugget of trivia. It consists of the story of the Tower of Babel and the lineage from Shem to Abram.  Lineages are pretty boring, so I assumed it was the tower.  Hmmmm, a tower built by people who caused God to create different languages.  A castle is in the movie . . . they were in the fictional country of Vulgaria where the people have an accent . . . that’s about speaking differently . . .  It must be a statement on the evils of desiring too many things!  After all, things started happening because the king of Vulgaria wanted Chitty Chitty for his own.  Bam!


Turns out it’s nothing to do with the Bible.  On the license plate, the ones are meant to be “i”s, So Flemming wasn’t putting in a Biblical commentary based on Genesis 11, he was spelling the word Genii because of the magical powers of the car.

Believe it or not, just because you assign godly significance to something, that doesn’t mean you’re right.  For instance, some people claim that God made the Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy happen because of the evil of the people in those places.  Maybe he did.  Maybe he didn’t.  But, wouldn’t it be better to put the same effort into helping those people?  And if you’re wrong in that estimation of the cause of events, I’m pretty sure God wouldn’t be happy with your misrepresentation of him.  Or, like a past blog of mine, people do things like claim a vision of Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich.

Sometimes we want so badly to make our Christian experience more interesting that we fabricate a heavenly message – as if God’s version of abundant life isn’t fascinating enough.  If your spiritual journey is boring, avoid the danger of infusing your own version of excitement. It will be short-lived, and it won’t be real.

24 thoughts on “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Genesis 11

  1. “Sometimes we want so badly to make our Christian experience more interesting that we fabricate a heavenly message – as if God’s version of abundant life isn’t fascinating enough.”

    Love it!

  2. I love this too. I might have to quote you sometime!

    “Sometimes we want so badly to make our Christian experience more interesting that we fabricate a heavenly message – as if God’s version of abundant life isn’t fascinating enough.”



  3. What an interesting post. I love the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Both ways of looking at the license plate are intriguing. Also you bring up a great point that sometimes we fabricate a heavenly message. What a good point to keep in mind.

    • It’s funny, but this is one of my older posts and it keeps getting visits. Lots of people curious about good ‘ol Gen11. I wonder how many of them thought it was something to do with Genesis 11. Thanks, Anna Rose.

  4. We’ve wondered about the Gen 11 also. The only thing we could come up with was it isn’t Gen 11, rather Gen 1 1. We put it together in this way. In the beginning God created…the car has gotten a new life, as has this new family. How’s that? Proves we’re thinking doesn’t it, right or wrong. I like my figuring better. 😊

  5. HAHA this is hilarious, i love putting Jesus in every aspect of my life but i’ve never heard of that before. I love the bible just wondering what religion are you? (:

    • Hey Mallory. I’m glad you liked it. I’m a Christian. It’s hard to put me in a category as to which denomination. I’m afraid if I offer one label or another it might misidentify me. I’d say more, but it might turn out to be as long as a blog post (hmmm . . . . )

      Thanks for commenting.

      • That makes a lot of sense! I would to learn more about this though if you have a facebook or anything? I am a christian also!

  6. For the gentleman that wrote about the license plate on the car Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. This movie was not ever a Walt Disney movie. Disney never had anything to do with this production at any point.

  7. You were correct the fist time. GEN11 is indeed a nod and a wink to those in the know. It’s an example of “hiding things in plain sight”. Google that term and break out of your coma. GEN 11 is indeed the account of man rebelling against Yahweh and desiring to claim the prize that Satan offered Adam AND Eve, namely to be like God. Just look at the Disney sponsored site and realize the significance of the wordplay in naming the site. Disney is a tool for brainwashing your child used by Satan to deceive and to control each new generation of children. Now it’s the homosexual agenda. As a follower of Jesus It is good to be nice but naivety is not the same thing. Google terms, Disney, freemasons, mind control, ELF, subliminal messages, Walt Disney Mason, illuminati. It’s real folks. Read your Bible!!!

  8. you don’t really sound like a Christian at all and where do you get your information about Gen 11 being Genii? The car is obviously named Gen 11, it even says it in the movie when they’re flying in the sky. How do you explain the car Gen 22? Or this website? (below) -where Ian notes the car takes them beyond the sky and the sea. (Similar to reaching the limits of the heavens??) I could get a lot deeper but its pointless. I haven’t found any admitted explanation as to why the car was named that so until you know why you can’t say why it wasn’t. In my opinion, no movie this long could be that innocent… haha.


      IMDB is pretty accurate. The comment is 3rd from the bottom.

      Hmmmm. . . I’m not sure why this is grounds to question my faith. Care to elaborate?

      Gen 22 is a replica car and wasn’t in the movie or the book, as far as I can tell. Other replica cars around the world that are licensed in their countries have variations of the original car’s license plate for various reasons.

  9. I have found two sites that connect Gen 11 with Genie

    but to keep the conspiracy going… Please note that Ian Flemming WAS a naval intelligence officer to Britain during WW II (World War Two for those of you that have a problem telling the difference between letters and numerals or have poor history grades haha) which is where he got much of his inspiration for his books including fantastical technology that could take you beyond the ends of the earth. As a naval officer he reached the end, found out the truth but knew he would be called crazy by mainstream so all he could do was find a false reality for himself in his books.
    Research Richard E. Byrd

    Think about it, the main character is made out to be a crazy “crackpot lunatic” as is obviously the Grandpa due to the aftermath effects of war. The movie ends on the great moral of “We’re finally rich!” (thanks to dogs with a sweet tooth).

    From IMBD – “Many parallels are drawn between Vulgaria’s situation and the WWII resistances against the Nazis. Of particular note is the Childcatcher’s tactic which resembles one used by Nazi scientist Josef Mengele. Mengle is noted for his eugenic experimentation and torture often with children, to whom he would offer candy to gain their trust.”

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