Homer Simpson and the D’oh! factor

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Homer Simpson is part of my every day.

My phone is handy for organizing events through texting, having access to my three email accounts, and keeping up with people in general.  My phone also informs me when I receive text messages.  It’s a great way to stay efficient.

The alert sound I’ve chosen to let me know when I’ve received a message is the sound Homer Simpson, the dad on the famed animated series The Simpsons, often makes.  When a message is received on my phone, Homer shouts out D’oh!  On the show, Homer says that when he does something stupid, injures himself, or hears some bad news.

Of course, I have no way of knowing when I will receive a message.  It can be funny receiving a message at just the right time, and it’s amazing how often it fits in with what’s going on – like when I put on a shirt in the morning and didn’t realize until just before it was time to leave that it hadn’t been ironed.  Or like when I got to church and realized that I’d left the keys to the building at home. It’s fun to have Homer give a shout out at any point while I’m teaching middle schoolers on Wednesday nights. Oh, and then there are the times when I’m in the bathroom and Homer bellows from my pocket (That doesn’t really fit the doing something stupid category, but it’s kinda funny).

Homer reminds me that I screw up pretty much every day.  It’s nice to laugh about it from time to time, even though the mistakes are often things that displease God.  We  can laugh because, as Christians, our mistakes don’t change our standing with God – we are still saved and he still loves us as much as he ever has.  Jesus died for me to make that possible, so I don’t laugh out of flippancy but out of the joy I find in the freedom he’s given me from slavery to my failures.

I think I’ll call it the D’oh! factor.  It’s like multiplying things by zero when doing math tables with my son.  It doesn’t matter how big a number is, or how many other numbers there are in the equation – the answer always comes out the same.  No matter how many times I do something stupid that hurts my God, the end result for me will always be the same.

So for this week I choose to have Homer’s shouts remind me of God’s grace.  No matter how much I mess up, God still has a hold of me.  And he will never let me go.

I have loved you with an everlasting love;
I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.

Jeremiah 31:3


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