Jessica a”cup”anies herself

Jessica gets mad when I record her singing as she goes about the house, and I tease her that I’ll put it on Youtube.  This time around she said it was okay to publicize the song with cup accompaniment, and I jumped at the opportunity.  I was waiting for the best time and today, bogged down by getting taxes info together, seemed like a great day to show it.

It was great to hear that we don’t owe taxes for last year.  It’s hard to figure out how much to pay Jessicawhen you’re self-employed and unemployed for the majority of the year.  I thought we’d owe a few hundred because I hadn’t been able to put much in my quarterly tax payments.  But, not only do we not owe . . . we will receive a nice refund.  Praise God!

Anyway, it makes me want to sing, but since Jess sings so much better than I, I’ll let her represent my sentiments today.  I think I’ll keep this and play it when she goes to college in just over four years.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend.


8 thoughts on “Jessica a”cup”anies herself

  1. Always assuming the sequester doesn’t prevent you receiving it. Seems to me though all Governments are the same. I am PAYE and have been for years, but for a long time they told me I owed, then they discovered that as I said I had over paid and got a rebate. Now I am retired, still pay tax at 20% on my Pension still PAYE but again they are telling me I have underpaid – HOW!!?

  2. Woo-hoo!! She sounds amazing! And, her cup accompaniment is pretty impressive too!
    Let’s not talk taxes. We’ve gotta pay. Is there a depressing song for that?

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