Three ways to overcome your excuses

"No excuses^ Watch your waste." - NA...

“No excuses^ Watch your waste.” – NARA – 515081 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever noticed that Jesus never made excuses?  Not so much us.  Every one of us.  Some more than others.

Okay, no more sentence fragments.  It’s not my fault.  I wasn’t an English major. D’oh! Plagued by excuses (and sentence fragments, apparently).

I know it’s a New Testament kinda week, but what I would have said today I already put in Friday’s blog.  So if you’re okay with me goin’ all OT on you this Passion Week, let’s take a look at how God helped Moses to overcome the excuses he had that could have prevented him from becoming a great man of God. It happened at the burning bush event in Exodus 4:1-17.

The best method to overcoming your excuses is to see them as God sees them.  Here’s what God saw in Moses’ response to the quest of the Exodus.

God hears Moses’ legitimate excuse and sends him anyway.

It was legitimate excuse from a human standpoint, that is.  Why should the people of Israel believe that a guy they hadn’t seen in 40 years was payed a visit by the God they hadn’t heard from in 400 years?  God’s response was to promise Moses that he’d be with him, and he sent him.

Next, God doesn’t remedy Moses’ inability, he exposed its irrelevance. 

In verses 10-12 Moses points out his poor oratory skills.  It would have been cool for God to fix this problem on the spot, but he didn’t.  Instead, he promised to be with Moses when the time would come.  God isn’t in the business of making things just right for us before we go about his work.  Then our faith wouldn’t be in him but in the abilities he has given us.  So, your misgivings about your shortcomings are immaterial to God and you have no excuse.

Finally, God sees our excuses as what they are: methods to reject God’s will for us.

Have you ever imagined what it looks like when God gets angry?  Here’s the crazy thing – Moses was more afraid of what the people would think than he was about getting under the skin of this God who had been speaking to him from a burning bush, had put the slimy skin of a reptile on what had been a wooden staff and had turned Mo’s hand from healthy to leprous to healthy again.  Maybe it would be a good idea if we could see God’s reaction every time we reject his will.  Do you have any idea how much of his righteous anger he is mercifully withholding from you?

God’s not fooled by your excuses.  No matter what you say, he still sends you despite your shortcomings.  And don’t think that your disobedience doesn’t matter to him.

So, especially during this week as we celebrate our Lord who offered no excuses, take a fresh look at that thing the Holy Spirit has been nagging you about.  Pay close attention to your response and evaluate it from God’s point of view.

And stop making excuses.


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