If you’ve seen this video before, it’s probably been awhile. Unless you were at my church last Sunday. We played it after the Hebrews 12:1-13 passage I talked about.

Okay, so no awards were given for acting in this movie.  But, this scene is one of the best in any movie, especially as it relates to our Christian experience. Some great lines:

  • Coach: “Don’t quit ’til you got nothin’ left!”

    Photo credit: Jarekt / Foter.com / CC BY-SA

    Photo credit: Jarekt / Foter.com / CC BY-SA

  • Coach: (explaining the blindfold) “I don’t want you giving up at a certain point when you can go further.”
  • Brock: “Am I at the 20 yet?” Coach: “You forget the 20. You just give me your best.”
  • Brock: “I’m out of strength.” Coach: “Then you negotiate with your body to find more strength, but don’t you give up on me,Brock.”
  • Brock (after collapsing): “This has to be the 50. I don’t have anything left.”       Coach: ‘Look up, Brock . . . You’re in the end-zone.”
  • Coach: “Don’t tell me you can’t give me more than what I’ve been seeing. You just carried a 140 lb. man across this whole field in your arms.”
  • Coach: “Can I count on you?’      Brock: “Yes.”
  • Jeremy: “Coach.”
    Coach: “What is it, Jeremy?”     Jeremy: “I weigh 160.”

Be strong, friends.


4 thoughts on “Wholehearted

  1. Loved it!!! Jemema loved it as well, she said it was powerful but, it hit her harder because it made her think of me. So not only a great message, but also helped me to appreciate the way a great woman in my life sees me! And she has been with me through training and races on more than one occassion.

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