True Colors (Guest blogger: Emma Knickerbocker – 12 yrs. old)

One of Emma's drawings (Not from her project. That hasn’t been graded yet.)

One of Emma’s drawings (Not from her project. That hasn’t been graded yet.)

So it`s first period at my school, and I`m sitting in Mrs. Zitkovich`s class, minding my own business and trying to focus over Martin`s and Billy`s usual “trying to beat Billy up” sort of thing. We’re working on this poem I love called “The Highwayman”, and I`m checking over my homework.

The bell rings, and we all sort of quiet down a bit, not that much. Mrs. Zitkovich walks in saying, “Take out your homework.”

After we check it over Mrs. Zitkovich says we`re going to have a choice of projects about “The Highwayman” and all of them but one include drawing! I decide right away that I`m doing a wanted poster, but then Mrs.Zitkovich convinces me to rewrite the poem with another character`s perspective, which includes drawing.

So I take it home to work on it.  Then I take it in to school, SUPER excited, and I hand in the paper. Mrs.Zitkovich takes a look at it with a questioning look. “Why didn`t you color it?” she asked.

I just shrugged and said,” I don`t know,” when I knew I just didn`t want to mess up the picture.

I never really liked coloring my pictures.  People have told me that I`m an excellent artist and I know I should color my pictures but I`m too scared that I`m going to mess up badly.  It`s happened many times before, and they were my favorite drawings. I have assignments at school that have to do with drawing, and I get SO excited for them.  But, not so much coloring.

Brave Emma coloring her artwork.

Brave Emma coloring her artwork.

 “I think you should color it. I mean, look at those drawings!”  Mrs. Zitkovich takes the papers around class to show everyone, saying “Aren`t these pictures great?”

I’m on top of the world!  I feel awesome, until she tells me to take it home and color it.

Mrs. Zitkovich really believed in me when I didn`t.  I wonder if Moses felt the same way about not believing in himself.  In Exodus 4, Moses stumbles across a burning bush, and it speaks to him. It spoke to him! I would`ve said “I`M GOING CRAZY!” and run off but Moses actually goes closer to a talking bush.

God says “Hey what`s up Moses? Listen up, I want you to tell the most powerful guy on earth to stop messin` with me, okay?”

Moses says “Dude, I`m scared. This is a totally powerful king, and I know I’m gonna mess up. Tell my bro to do it!”

God told Moses to get his head in the game, and sent him anyway.  Moses tells Pharaoh to set God’s people free and he does it.  I bet Moses was surprised that he didn’t mess up!

Christians all over the Earth are scared to follow God`s Word because they`ll mess up so badly. How do they know? You never know what it`s like until you try. If you don`t succeed the first time, try again! Don`t beg God to give it to someone else because you`ve been honored to spread God`s Word.

P.S. – I’d like to give a shout out to my friend Izzy, who turned 14 a few days ago. Happy birthday Izzy!


10 thoughts on “True Colors (Guest blogger: Emma Knickerbocker – 12 yrs. old)

  1. Emma an excellent drawing at the top of the page, a truly amazing thought, and this may be a sin on my part, plus one truly proud Grandpa of a really awesome Grand-daughter!

  2. Emma, you are truly a gifted writer. Keep trusting the One who gave you this gift and He will take your writing to places and people you would never have imagined it would go. Thank you for encouraging me today! (And thank your dad for giving you his seat today…) 🙂

  3. Emma – what sets you apart from many your age is your strong faith. You know God has blessed you with many gifts and through Him there are no limits – which opens you up to learning & developing your talents. Just like your teacher I love color and encourage you to experiment with all mediums. However, I respect and appreciate the artwork of accomplished photographer/artists who choose minimal or no color at all too. You’re a good student because you listen to direction and deliver what your teachers ask of you. Keep following their direction for school projects while challenging yourself to find extra time to develop styles that make you happy too. Enjoy!

  4. Emma: never met you, but known your mother FOREVER! Your writing is awesome: I was touched by your words. Clearly God has blessed you with many gifts – as he did your mum (not with housework though clearly!): listen to direction and trust that advice, Peta

  5. Wow. Great post and a wonderful sketch to go with it. Enjoy the gifts God has given you and know that when you enjoy them it’s a wonderful form of worship.

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