Meet the Robinsons: a great approach to new ministry ideas

What was your worst failure? It’s probably something you really stuck your neck out for.  My fellow writers know what I’m talking about. So much rejection. And how about people who are trying desperately to find a job or lose weight? In our performance driven society we are conditioned to find worth not only in success, but in the avoidance of defeat.

How you approach the concept of failure is critical to your spiritual journey.  Here’s a secret that may help you: not every attempt at ministry is a success. Even with the power of God behind us, he lets us fail at times.

Cover of "Meet the Robinsons"

Cover of Meet the Robinsons

As brilliantly portrayed in Meet The Robinsons, our failures teach us what won’t work and eventually we come up with a way to make an awesome idea a reality. Perseverance isn’t just about enduring tough times – it’s also for sticking it out when the Holy Spirit wants you to be creative in how your reach people for him. God wants us to know the people we serve and when we fail we’re actually learning more about others and ourselves.

How did you feel when Lewis (the boy) witnessed celebration from the Robinsons instead of criticism when his peanut butter and jelly experiment literally blew up in everyone’s face?  I imagine it gave him the motivation to try again. I think that’s pretty close to how Jesus reacts to your failures that result from honest effort for him.

Don’t let your worst failure scare you from trying new ways to show Jesus to other people.  Just watch this clip whenever you’re tempted to shy away from a great idea. I’ll leave it up for you.


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