In front of closed doors

Okay, one more installment of the most viewed posts on this blog. This is my first day back from vacation, so I’ll be back on track for Wednesday. All of the other posts that have made this list are from several months ago and have had time to build up views. This one is only a couple of months old and is already number five. It’s about my friends Mike and Breanna Mahon.


The doors to the back of the chapel are closed.  The bridesmaids have made their way down the aisle, been greeted by their groomsmen counterparts, and have taken their place for the ceremony.  Michael, the groom, stares at the double doors with great anticipation.  He isn’t alone.  All of us who have gathered to witness this union have contorted our bodies in the pews and are bobbing our heads back and forth to secure just the right perspective through the crowd for the moment when the doors will open.

Then, one door moves ever so slightly.  A chuckle comes from the group because what we see isn’t what we have been anticipating.  The door closes behind the tiny flower girl who has emerged (she will later refer to the bride as her best friend at the reception), and she goes about her flowery task.  She finishes her trek and everyone…

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