Jesus wants you to stop acting your age

Flickr Chinese Dragon Year Statue

Flickr Chinese Dragon Year Statue (Photo credit:

Our church, Evangel Baptist, had our annual Vacation Bible School last week. It’s called A Tale of Two Kingdoms, and the lesson was about putting on the armor of God and staying alert against Satan’s attacks..  The church staff did a great job setting up the church with a medieval theme. There was a castle, a moat and even some small dragons flying around.

I led the team of mostly high school students that performed the drama, and they did an awesome job.  We had a dragon’s lair that had an interesting effect on some of the smaller kids. The dragon’s name was Flame.

We made his presence known via a fog machine and some dragonly sound effects over the sound system. Though nobody ever actually saw the dragon since he never left his lair, some of the smaller children were completely fooled. The first night they even pressured their teachers into taking them back to their classroom because they were a little scared. A couple of fifth graders ventured into the lair when the opportunity arose.  Apparently, they had to see for themselves because they weren’t sure either.

Jesus said “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:3, NIV).”  I’m pretty sure that the Savior isn’t insinuating that the kingdom of heaven is full of people who poke their siblings at the dinner table, constantly forget to feed the dog and say “are we there yet?” a thousand times during our trip to Florida. Jesus told us to be childlike in another way.

VBS drama team destroyed my office. This is after I cleaned up once!

VBS drama team destroyed my office. This is after I cleaned up once!

Kids believe what adults tell them.  A major function of being a godly parent is to inform our kids about how things really are. Because we’ve shown them that we love them, they believe us (for teenagers it may take a while though). If we tell them that the moon is made of cheese, they believe it.  Santa Claus is real to them because we tell them that he is. It’s that sense of humility that Jesus desires – that willingness to take Jesus at his word no matter how crazy a notion he offers.

No, there wasn’t a dragon. But for those kids he was as present as pee in a swimming pool (C’mon, you know it’s true). Jesus wants us to believe him like that. He’d love for us to have the humility to take him at his word when he says things like the Holy Spirit will enable us to do even greater things than Jesus did, that he came to give us exceptional lives or that he will never leave us because he loves us too much.

Are these things hard to believe? If they are, then stop acting your age because you’re missing out on kingdom living.


7 thoughts on “Jesus wants you to stop acting your age

  1. The verse in Matthew is not new but your explanation of approaching Him as a child is and its the best I’ve heard, er read. 🙂 Now that is faith!
    Keep the Faith!

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