White supremacist finds out he’s Part Black

Did you love this, or what?  You may not be a fan of these types of shows.  I’m not.  But when someone who is so openly hateful and arrogant against a certain people group finds out he’s actually a member of the group he’s been hatin’ on . . . well, that’s just beautiful.

I’m skeptical about the whole thing, though.  In time we may hear that the results were intentionally skewed for publicity.  Either way, it’s the reaction to the findings that interests me.  Not HIS reaction, mind you, but everyone else’s (including mine).

Sometimes society is thrown a softball in our sweet spot – a situation 99% of people can agree about.  The silliness of Westboro Baptist church has been an easy target of late.  The 9/11 disaster resulted in our country and many others to have the same opinion about Osama Bin Laden.  And what about Ariel Castro, imprisoning three young women in his house for so many years?  It’s easy for us to hate all of these evil doers, and we love to hate them in unison.

Craig Cobb (www.mirror.co.uk)

Craig Cobb (www.mirror.co.uk)

I think we like these situations because in part because they are easy wins.  With so much division in our country it’s nice to have something we can all agree on once in a while.  But, there’s another aspect that attracts us.  These infamous slugs of society encourage the rest of us that we are not the lowest of the low; that there is someone far more depraved than we are.  And it makes us feel good about ourselves.

It’s like Romans 1, where Paul gives a rousing indictment against those who practice homosexuality, envy, murder, strive, deceit and a bunch of other naughty no-nos.  Just picture it: The Christians receiving Paul’s letter are reading about how God’s wrath is being poured out on the pagans, the bad guys who are senseless, heartless, ruthless and faithless.  Those hearing the letter are cheering in the background!

Then, the moment of truth.  He gives the Christians the results of their spiritual DNA test:

You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things. (Romans 2:1, NIV)

I’m sure you could hear a pin drop in that room.   They must have had the same look on their faces as Craig Cobb did in this video!  Paul has set them up nicely.  The very thing those early Christians hated about others was in their blood as well.  Ouch.

Their pride was in their accomplishments, not in what Jesus had accomplished for them.  And, even after having figured out that Jesus is their source of salvation, they still struggled with sin. 

Paul’s point?  Don’t have such a great time pointing out the faults of others.  And certainly don’t condemn them.  If the pinnacle of your faith is about enjoying seeing the worst of people get there comeuppance, than you’re obviously climbing the wrong mountain.


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