A friendly reminder from Arnold

Put that Cookie Down (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

I was a little bored one evening last week and decided to play around with my phone notifications. The ringtone I set for my wife is Chris Farley singing “Fat guy in a little coat,” while he’s wearing David Spade’s jacket in the movie Tommy Boy.  One of our favorites.  It’s the text message notification I chose that got the better of me, though.

If you haven’t read the first chapter of my book that I posted on this site, let’s just say that cookies are a bad habit of mine (understatement!). I figured it would be cute to have the notification for receiving a text from Vanda on my phone as Arnold Schwarzenegger saying this.

A few days later at work there were some snickerdoodle cookies left on the table in the youth room at church, a room I have to walk through to get to my office.  With the typical New Year’s resolution in play, I proceeded to walk past the table after my first glance in order to avoid the temptation.  But, as always, it’s the second look that kills ya.


Snickerdoodle. Yum!

That second look lasted a long moment as the battle of my will and my desires waged.  Then, just as my hand reached for the pastry-like prey . . . my wife texted me.

Now, I don’t scare easily.  But when the gargantuan Austrian bellowed his rebuke at the height of my looming transgression, I nearly jumped out of my socks.  My heart raced and I ran back to my office without a cookie. Thanks Arnold!

God knows that we are forgetful people, especially when things are going well.  A quick search on BibleGateway.com revealed the word “remember” is found 286 times in the New Revised Standard Version.  God wants us to remember him, and the things that are important to him, so that we don’t mess up by giving priority to anything else.

It goes as far back as Moses in his farewell speech to his people before they would enter the Promised Land.  Deuteronomy 6:4-12 lays down the importance of remembering. He tells them (and us) to love the Lord our God with all their heart, mind and strength.

Then he tells them to talk about God and his plans for us with everyone, all the time and everywhere. He goes a little crazy in verses 8-9:  “Tie them to your hands and wear them on your forehead as reminders. Write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates and use them as your mobile ringtones.”

Okay, that last part was my addition.  Moses didn’t say that, but I bet he would have.  The gist of his message is: if something helps you to remember, then go for it.

God wants me to put him before everything else.  If that means being able to put down a cookie when there is a danger it will satisfy me more than God does, then it’s not a small thing.

Do you have any ideas for ringtones, notification sounds, or anything else that could help you to remember to love the Lord your God before anything else?



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