If the blind lead the blind, both fall into a pothole.


Salt truck succumbs to a pot hole in nearby Youngstown, OH (source:wfmj.com)

It’s not like I haven’t been around potholes before. But, they’ve been extra bad this year. I’ve had conversations with co-workers who agree that it seems far worse than in the past.

As it turns out, we’re correct.  I read online that in 2015, the state of Ohio has been sued 256 times for automobile damage caused by these gaping craters – the most ever. Our local newspaper even has a “Pothole Patrol” so commuters can report the location of the most cavernous routes and whether or not they have been repaired. However, we have seen potholes before, and you’d figure that drivers would have some idea how to navigate them.

On my way to work last week, I took my normal route, which had birthed and expanded potholes overnight. At many points in a one mile stretch, cars slow to a crawl to safely maneuver a pothole minefield. I was at one of those points, and a driver behind me was in too much of a hurry to worry about the potential damage to his vehicle. 

He came right up on my tail with about a foot clearance from my bumper. Maybe he figured that it was a safe distance at .5 mph. Well, there was a huge hole that I hadn’t seen before. The melting snow added to the problem because it filled the holes with water, making it difficult to determine how deep the holes were. I dodged one pothole that my previous trips had informed me was quite big. In the process, I caught the edge of the new crater – making my car dip low but didn’t do damage.

Car falls into hole in roadThe guy behind me wasn’t so lucky. He may have been using me to find a safe path to follow, but he was so close that he didn’t have time to react. His car hit the sweet spot of the hole and I heard metal scrape against the cement. He made it through, but I can’t help but imagine that some damage was done.

The crazy thing is, he was angry with me. I understand the dangers of road rage, but I couldn’t help smiling as he flew past me yelling (and gesturing) obscenities.

The first thing that came to mind was Mathew 15:14: “If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pothole (Dave Knickerbocker translation),” which I casually quoted during his spastic overtake, as if he could hear me. A couple of blogs ago I mentioned my bowling achievement (well, for me it was pretty good) and how I did it by copying people who were bowling well. This is the same idea from the opposite perspective.

If you want to find people to travel on your spiritual journey toward Jesus with, be sure to follow those who live as Jesus did – who don’t keep falling into potholes themselves. Feel free to stand back and observe their lives. Are they living as Jesus lived? Do they really love others and avoid sin in their lives?

Nobody’s without sin. There are just too many potholes. But God wants you to find those who have traveled the route with integrity so that you can safely follow when the road gets rough.


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