About The Book


We don’t get to choose what gives us pleasure. Many people wish they desired Jesus more, but feel destined for spiritual boredom. Jesus not only allows us pleasure; he’s made it a vital part of true faith.


Part 1 – The Confusion about attraction
Chapter 1: From Callous to Kalos
Jesus called himself the Kalos shepherd because that word deals with the appeal something has on others, not Agatha which describes the quality someone or something.
Chapter 2: Hasenpfeffer
There are plenty of stories in the Bible where God attracts people to him. People who avoid attraction will inevitably struggle with their spiritual journeys.
Chapter 3: The Ripken Perspective
Cal Ripken, Jr., voluntarily ended his streak of consecutive Major League baseball games to focus on the ultimate goal: a World Series championship. The attraction to the streak wasn’t bad, but it kept them from the pursuit of the best.
Chapter 4: No Spin
Using a story of the birth of my daughter, I discuss the beauty of Jesus’ promise that his sheep will hear his voice. All of Jesus’ sheep the ability to be hear the Shepherd and trust him to reveal God to us.

Part 2 – Mutual attraction
Chapter 5: Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing
Who does Jesus consider sheep? When we stop listening, we stop being attracted to Jesus.
Chapter 6: Divine Desire
God knows all about us, but when we invite him into our hearts, we not only experience him in a greater way, his experience of us is enhanced as well.
Chapter 7: Unnecessary Miracles
Jesus sees the ideal relationship as one where the sheep have no fear when they follow the shepherd. I’ll illustrate the beauty of complete surrender to Jesus through my experience during a trip to a children’s home in Acapulco.

Part 3 – The Quest
Chapter 8: If Happens
Getting to pasture requires trusting the shepherd enough to leave the safety of the pen. I’ll share the story of my friend Chelsi Figley – a paraplegic weight lifter who hasn’t given up on life but risks failure to follow the Attractive Shepherd.
Chapter 9: Shorn
I may not be able to make myself like tomatoes or dislike cookies, but the Bible often tells us to desire the things of God. So, does our will play a role in what we desire or not? A BBC documentary involving speed-dating provides a clue.
Chapter 10: Satisfaction Guaranteed
There is a difference between individualism that has negative effects on western society and individuality that is lacking in many Churches.

Part 4 – What true attraction looks like
Chapter 11: Pasture-ized
The missional mindset isn’t anti-attractive, it’s pro-attractive for both the unsaved and for those of us who take Jesus to them. Missional disciples feast regularly, and go back for more.
Chapter 12: The Proof Is In The Pudding
If our ministries aren’t attracting more people to Jesus, we’re not doing it right.


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