The LGBT sentiment is godly, in a way

Choosing between God and Gay


I saw this posted on facebook yesterday and it has stuck with me.  The tone isn’t combative. The sentiment portrays a basic human need: to be accepted for who we are.

I’m not sure what rock I’ve been under, but this is the first I’ve heard of Vicky Beeching. From what I’ve learned about her from the internet, she seems like a lovely person who isn’t out to pick a fight. Her web site describes her: “. . . with warmth, humour, an ivy-league mind and striking honesty Vicky communicates a message of authenticity, challenge and self-development, much of which is drawn candidly from her own journey.”

In her interview with the BBC after the announcement about her sexuality, she noted that she stayed with the church because she thinks that disagreeing with someone doesn’t mean you can’t associate with them.

Wow, it looks like we’d get along swimmingly.

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Why punish yourself more than God does?

Photo credit: Josef Grunig / Foter / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: Josef Grunig / Foter / CC BY-SA

People can’t make you feel bad about yourself unless you let them.  That’s a concept that has helped people who struggle with poor self-esteem to develop a healthy outlook about themselves.

What if the reverse of that concept could be useful as well? I don’t mean that I can only make someone else feel bad if they let me do it (though that is true).  But what if it’s true to say that other people can’t make you feel good about yourself unless you let them?

Guilt is a powerful emotion that is unnecessary for Christians. When you were saved you were freed from all the burdens of sin, including this one.

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White supremacist finds out he’s Part Black

Did you love this, or what?  You may not be a fan of these types of shows.  I’m not.  But when someone who is so openly hateful and arrogant against a certain people group finds out he’s actually a member of the group he’s been hatin’ on . . . well, that’s just beautiful.

I’m skeptical about the whole thing, though.  In time we may hear that the results were intentionally skewed for publicity.  Either way, it’s the reaction to the findings that interests me.  Not HIS reaction, mind you, but everyone else’s (including mine).

Sometimes society is thrown a softball in our sweet spot – a situation 99% of people can agree about.  The silliness of Westboro Baptist church has been an easy target of late.  The 9/11 disaster resulted in our country and many others to have the same opinion about Osama Bin Laden.  And what about Ariel Castro, imprisoning three young women in his house for so many years?  It’s easy for us to hate all of these evil doers, and we love to hate them in unison.

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In front of closed doors

Michael and Breanna Mahon

Michael and Breanna Mahon

The doors to the back of the chapel are closed.  The bridesmaids have made their way down the aisle, been greeted by their groomsmen counterparts, and have taken their place for the ceremony.  Michael, the groom, stares at the double doors with great anticipation.  He isn’t alone.  All of us who have gathered to witness this union have contorted our bodies in the pews and are bobbing our heads back and forth to secure just the right perspective through the crowd for the moment when the doors will open.

Then, one door moves ever so slightly.  A chuckle comes from the group because what we see isn’t what we have been anticipating.  The door closes behind the tiny flower girl who has emerged (she will later refer to the bride as her best friend at the reception), and she goes about her flowery task.  She finishes her trek and everyone re-fixes our gaze on the doors.

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Youth Ministers facing charge in child abuse cover up offer incriminating defense

Oklahoma Capitol

Oklahoma Capitol (Photo credit: ana branca)

“Failure to report” was the charge against two Tulsa, Oklahoma youth ministers upheld by a judge last November (Christianity Today, Jan/Feb 2013).  The attorney for John and Charica Daugherty had filed a motion to dismiss the charges with the reasoning, as reported by Tulsa World News, “the definition of abuse in the failure to report child abuse statute applies only to people who are responsible for the well-being of the child – which [the attorney] argues that John and Charica Daugherty were not.”

A former church employee had pleaded guilty to six felony sex crimes against children.  The charge brought against the minister couple, who are also the son and daughter-in-law of the senior pastor, is because a 13 year-old girl had informed them about the abuse and they waited two weeks to report it.

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Downton Abbey . . . yeah, I watch it.

Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay guys, hear me out on this one. I mentioned this at our young adult Bible study on Wednesday, and there were some very surprised looks. Here goes. I’m up to date on all of the episodes of Downton Abbey.  There, I said it. Now, before I have to forfeit my man card, let me tell you why.

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CJ Leslie . . . I’m a big fan



I don’t follow college hoops much until March Madness.  So, I didn’t know a lot about CJ Leslie before the interview he had on TV yesterday.  What he did on the court amazed me.  Yeah, he led North Carolina State to a win over #1 Duke with his 25 points, but that wasn’t the best part of the story.

It was enough to cause me to extend my current blog series (I love to stay on schedule) because it relates to the theme so well.

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God the jokester

Zechariah & the angel

Zechariah & the angel (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

I love scaring my kids. Creeping ninja-like to avoid the sound of creaky floorboards . . . waiting in silence for several minutes at just the right spot, and then . . . “Raaaaaaa!”  Recently, my daughter Jess jumped and threw all of her laundry in the air, and she and her accouterments fell to the floor. I’ve taken to getting video records of their reactions (which are hilarious), but I won’t share them with the world so as to avoid expensive therapy.

Zechariah, who would become the father of John the Baptist, was performing his priestly duty when an angel crept up on him in Luke 1. It was his turn to offer incense before the Lord alongside the daily sacrifice.  It’s an honor that priests had only once a lifetime, if they had a chance at all.

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So, kiss a little longer

Kissing Black-tailed Prairie Dogs (Cynomys lud...

Kissing Black-tailed Prairie Dogs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An article on Yahoo! gives six ways that kissing is good for you:

  1. Your pearly whites stay cleaner
  2. Keep a younger looking face as you age
  3. A revved up metabolism
  4. Your immune system gets a healthy boost
  5. Improved mood and decreased stress levels overall
  6. A natural source of pain relief

In a totally unrelated strain of thought – I was at a youth retreat with 37 of our high school and middle school kids and five (very brave) adults from our church last weekend.  The theme was “Compelled,” based on 2nd Corinthians 5:14-15:

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In defense of marriage . . . act

Vanda and me in Arizona

Same-sex marriage isn’t our biggest problem. It’s too often a scapegoat. Like the majority of Americans, I am overwhelmingly in favor of the definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman. If you believe that the defense of marriage act and the prevention of marriage for homosexual couples are the best methods to preserve traditional marriage, you are sorely mistaken. Maybe it’s because of this particular day on the calendar that my sentiments are what they are.

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