Here’s how I got my best bowling score in years

Photo credit: Seth Tisue / Foter / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: Seth Tisue / Foter / CC BY-SA

Okay, it was only a 135. But that’s a great score for me. And by the way, the sign above wasn’t my issue.

Village Church, the missional community my wife and I started with a few friends last year, chose to have a fun night last week for church. As an MC, not only can we do that sort of thing for church – we’re supposed to do it from time to time.

The first game we bowled I did predictably pathetic. I believe my score was 89. For some reason, I slice when I bowl. I’m right-handed, but the ball consistently cuts to the right and I don’t know why. Interestingly, when I golf (which I’m equally bad at) I almost never slice the ball.

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You seriously need a realtor for your spiritual journey

No, this isn't my house.

Photo credit: Håkan Dahlström / / CC BY
(No, this isn’t my house)

Talk about feeling exposed.

In the world of real estate it’s not a seller’s market, but we’re starting the process of doing just that.  My in-laws have offered to sell us their home that is 1.5 miles from our house for a steal.  We’re extremely grateful for their generosity. Our kids won’t have to change schools and the home has much more living space, which fits well with our plans to start a missional community in the fall.

A realtor came to our home yesterday for the first time to give Vanda and me tips on the process.  We had worked hard over the weekend to clear away a bunch of the clutter.  I have also been working on repairs like replacing ancient ceiling fans and the clay underground tubes that direct the rainwater away from the house and out to the street.  But, we know there are things that still need work and the realtor let us know.

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