Does God have regrets?


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Do you think the New England Patriots regret deflate-gate?

It’s widely accepted by sports outlets that the team intentionally deflated their footballs 2 lbs. less than NFL regulations for the AFC championship game last Sunday. This gave them an advantage of greater ball control in the cold, wet conditions.

The Pats ended up destroying the Colts 45-7, and many claim that the indiscretion was insignificant to the outcome of the contest. Maybe so. Or . . . maybe not. Who can tell how many fumbles or incomplete passes were averted? And if it didn’t make much of a difference, why did they do it?

I’m less than a fan of the Patriots so my opinion is biased. They are consistently in the playoffs, and they have been consistently caught being unscrupulous. I know there’s a lot of moolah involved, but what about honor? What about winning without an asterisk next to your accomplishment? Continue reading


Why does it take a tragedy to bring out the best in us?

Photo credit: hahatango / / CC BY

Photo credit: hahatango / / CC BY

Without fail, whenever a terrible event occurs there are stories of people performing incredibly selfless acts to help the victims.  Monday’s bombing in Boston was no exception. The media’s bombarding of our airwaves with video clips of the terrible thing shows that even in the earliest moments after the explosion many people ran toward the carnage. It’s evidence that there are good people who are ready to help when others are desperately in need.

However, there are many instances in everyday life when people are in need and nobody helps them.  So, what does it take to get people to sacrifice their time, efforts or even finances to aid them?

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How can Paul say that his distress is for other people’s salvation?

Photo credit: Daniele Zedda / / CC BY

Photo credit: Daniele Zedda / / CC BY

The apostle Paul said some crazy things.  While studying for the teaching I offered at church yesterday I came across yet another gem that had eluded me all these years.  In 2nd Corinthians 1:6, Paul says, “If we are distressed, it is for your comfort and salvation . . .” (NIV).

My thought had been that Paul means his suffering was a bridge to bring other people to know Jesus Christ.  But he doesn’t use the past tense here.  His current stress is to encourage the Corinthians and to save them.  And, he’s speaking to Christians.  They’ve already been saved!  And he’s certainly not implying that he is their savior.

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Stand tall, brother


Alone (Photo credit: JB London)

Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me. (Psalm 23:4, NIV)

The torrents of life have hit you hard. The days are long and the nights longer. I’m trying to understand. I’ve been through some tough times, but I can’t fathom the desperate panting of your soul as you cry out for relief. I don’t know what to say. There’s nothing I can do to alleviate your pain.

Then it occurs to me that, ultimately, you don’t have to depend on me. You never did, really. It’s the Christ in me, the Christ in you. The Jesus that I fall so short in emulating is alive in you too, as you well know. This is your opportunity to strengthen your faith, to take your newly improved faith for a test drive to see how your Jesus will save you yet again.

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